Siege of Oppara

Return to the Warehouse
campaign journal #2

Session #2

6th Desnus 4711. Starday

The party awoke after returning to their inn to sleep off the night’s battle. They decided to promptly return to the warehouse to more thoroughly search the building and see if any clues could be gathered. En route, they spotted printed handbills offering a sizable reward for the return of a daughter of a prominent professor of the Taldoran Royal College. They arrived to see five of the city’s constabulary milling about the warehouse doors. They hatched a plan to pay some of the street urchins in the Crownsgate district to draw the constables away so that the party could gain access to the building. Aoesyn paid about 15 children to run wild past the guards with the intent of drawing them into the adjoining warehouse. The plan worked and the players slipped into the building. As they reached the back of the warehouse, they were greeted with the familiar voices of Merrick and Lester, who were conducting an ‘investigation’ and not getting very far.

Alexia slyly cast a detect magic spell, and found a small, unadorned silver rod hidden behind the stove as a result. She determined how it worked, and the rod activated a hidden door in the back of the building, which led to a rapidly descending tunnel, that seemed to lead away from the city and under the city’s outer wall. Lester and Merrick decided to ‘deputize’ the players, and insisted on exploring the tunnel. As they all entered the tunnel, the secret door shut silently behind them.

The journey through the tunnel went along at a reasonable pace. After a few hundred yards, Merrick, who is generally oblivious, and Thud, who was busy expounding on the virtues of his diety, fell through a cunning trap in the floor. The fall damaged the intrepid explorers, but that was the least of their worries. The natural cavern that they had fallen into was a breeding ground for giant spiders. Makadu, Alexia, and Aoesyn each jumped into the pit to aid their allies. The battle was swift. Aoesyn was poisoned, and Thud was assaulted by a swarm of spiders who crawled into his armor. Alexia color sprayed the Thud, and knocked the swarm unconscious. Thud then proceeded to burn the disabled spiders. When the battle finished, the party negotiated their ascent from the pit with the help of Lester, who had remained above in the tunnel, watching the entire affair with bemused curiosity.

The tunnel ran for about a quarter mile, and terminated at a trap door directly above their heads. When they exited the tunnel, the found themselves in a seemingly abandoned barn. A wagon was parked inside, which was fitted with manacles – some sort of a prisoner transport. They exited the barn and were detected by a huge hyena who howled at their scent.

Six hulking, well armed, hyena-like humanoids and two armored hyenas came from both the farmhouse and the adjoining field to deal with the trespassers. This battle was particularly long, and highlighted by both Makadu and Thud attempting to strike their antagonists, missing them, and hurting each other, with Thud actually knocking his step-nephew unconscious. Aoesyn was tackled by a barely-alive, disemboweled enemy, who’s neck he eventually snapped. Alexia again used her color spray spell and eased the odds on the battlefield.

After the hard-fought battle, the team found about 15 human hostages inside the farmhouse. In addition to the captives, the party found a sizable cache of finely cut gems, and a bone pile behind the house. Amongst the bones and offal, they found the tattered remnants of clothing, including what seemed to be a finely crafted dress. A silver locket, with a small gemstone and engraved with the letter “M” was found as well. The captives told the players that a wagon had left the night before, which was bearing some children, possibly including the missing daughter with the reward on her head. They also told the party that they were convinced that their captors were dining on some of the weaker and more defiant captives. Wagon tracks leading north from the farmhouse were easily noticed, and the party decided to follow them to see if the daughter could be found. Merrick and Lester led the remaining captives back to the city, and there was much rejoicing by the party to be rid of them again.

Finding Work
campaign journal #1

Session #1

4th Desnus 4711. Oathday

The characters have all reached Oppara via different routes, with different goals, and one common need. Money. Thud and his step-nephew Makadu had made the long trek from their home city of Rolgrimmdur to find a wizard of renown to succor advice regarding Makadu’s disturbing dreams. Aoesyn completed the even longer journey from Iadara on a mission from his church, and Alexia made the relatively short journey from her hometown of Elsekulp to find help regarding the recent manifestation of her magical powers.

Accompanying Aoesyn was Lysette, a druid from the Verduran Forest. The party each responded to a posted bulletin offering work at the Temple of Abadar. The players were also joined by a scraggly and gruff looking bard. After a short wait, they were admitted to the sactum of Chums Melborne, High Priest of Abadar. Chums needed help to insure his dull yet stalwart nephews, Lester and Merrick were given a promotion within the Opparan constabulary, to which they had just recently been admitted to. Chums offered 50 gold crowns to each person who would shadow the twins, and assist in making them seem heroic and capable of command. He informed them that there had been a recent rash of abductions of the poor all over the city, and this could be something they could investigate. The party accepted and recieved 25 crowns up front with the remainder payable upon accomplishment of the job.

Chums suggested the team gain employment with the Lamplighter Guild and use the job as a cover to assist the twins. After a short negotiation and a sweet tune played by the bard, Alistair Melchom assigned the party to the Crownsgate section of town, not coincidentally where the twins were stationed. The players met the twins this same evening and were not particularly impressed by their intellectual capacity. They spent the rest of the evening performing their job and gaining a feel for the city district.

5th Desnus 4711. Fireday

The next evening, after a days rest the party continued their mission. As the evening of lamp lighting progressed, Lisette’s eagle Barabajagal flew back to the group to report a disturbance. They then followed the eagle to a warehouse with its doors thrown open and two gruff-looking and armed men guarding the doors. Alexia baited the guards with a magic spell suggesting a disturbance down the alley, and the group slipped into the warehouse, barring the doors behind. The bandits inside the warehouse were alerted and came to deal with the intruders. After failing to hide in the shadows by falling on his face, the bard began an inspiring tune which raised the spirits of the lamplighters. The resulting battle was short. Barabajagal flew into a crate and dazed himself, Makadu reduced a bandit’s skull to a fine, red mist with his Dorn-Dergar, Lysette stuck an arrow into a bandit, and Aoesyn decapitated the wounded bandit with his magic boomerang sword. Thud and the Bard were both trapped in nets by the bandits, but their capture was short after Alexia dealt with the remaining bandits by knocking all but one out with her color spray. The only bandit standing was then relieved of his sword by the bard’s whip, and he prudently surrendered.

The party then tied the surviving bandits up and searched the warehouse. They found 15 or so hostages locked in a cage in the back who were grateful for their freedom. About this time, Merrick & Lester, apparently alerted by the two bandits outside, came banging on the door. The male players then paid the hostages to hide in the cage, and then joined them inside. Lisette and Alexia, both being extremely attractive, let the twins in and flirted with them, and helped them find the cage in the back. After being liberated by the twins, the players snuck out of the warehouse, leaving the twins to claim the glory of releasing the hostages.


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